Transforming Infographics

I’m finally jumping into the E-Learning Heroes challenge arena. I thought I’d slip in slowly with this challenge to transform a simple static infographic into an interactive graphic using Storyline.

Launch Presentation

For this challenge I used the SAVE ME  Naloxone training infographic. Here’s what I did to convert the poster from a static image to an enhanced graphic with additional information.

1 – Edited the original graphic to add more space between the steps. This allowed more of the on-screen white space to be used.

2 – Uploaded the new graphic as a background slide.

3 – Created slides for each step. Ideally I’d use short videos or gifs to clearly show each step. In this case I settled for text descriptions with  videos for two of the steps. Each of these slides would become lightbox slides.

4 – Added icons to indicate more information and created lightbox triggers so that when the icon was clicked – or touched on a touchscreen – the lightbox would display. When I tested this on a phone I found the icons were really hard to hit.

5 – Removed the triggers for the icons and added hotspots that generously covered each step including the icon.

Graphic showing where hotspots were added to the background slide.

6 – Added triggers to each hotspot so that when clicked the correct lightbox slide would display.

7 – Tested on mobile to make sure each hotspot was easy to hit.

One challenge I’m still trying to address is that the background slide is clickable. Its not associated with a trigger so clicking on it has no effect but when you hover anywhere on the graphic the cursor changes from a pointer to a hand. Any tips on this would be appreciated 🙂




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